John Morton


The Elephant on Sixth Street, A Novella

“Fast-paced and funny…a classic caper wrapped around a social commentary…sharp, witty dialogue that makes the pages fly…compelling characters and an intriguing plot will leave many wanting more.” — Foreword Clarion Reviews

Meg: You don’t deserve this.

Jack: Well, who wants what they deserve?

Deserving or not, Jack is about to get more than he bargained for. His life is a three-ring circus of family, work, and extracurricular (sometimes extramarital) pursuits. Is he the ringmaster or just another trained animal, trotting out the same old tricks? He tries not to think about it. Today he’s got a more pressing problem anyway–his dalliance with Meg on a business trip to Dallas has put him in the crosshairs of a thuggish blackmailer. Meg has secrets of her own, and lucky for Jack, she’s got tricks up her sleeve. The two race back to Austin with the blackmailer hot on their trail.

Will they make it home with their lives, careers, and dignity intact, or will they succumb to the violence and corruption that threaten them from all sides?

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